Exceptional People, Innovative Technology

Bags® Aviation Services Make Travel Easier through innovation and superior customer service. Our unique solutions reduce parking, curbside, ticket counter and baggage claim congestion, as well as increase ease of travel throughout your airport, port and near-airport venues. We exceed expectations with both our customer service and behind-the-scenes baggage movement and delivery. We have a track record of increasing revenue while substantially decreasing infrastructure cost.

Our Aviation Services

Our belief in providing the ultimate experience in travel and hospitality allows us to focus on airport services that go above and beyond.

Early Bag Check

Checking bags the moment guests arrive at the airport provides them with a traveling solution that will save them time while freeing their hands.

Remote Screening Facility

Bags has partnered with the airport, airlines, TSA and regulatory bodies to transform a 69,000sq ft. hangar into a remote baggage sorting facility.


With an efficient curbside multi-airline check-in service, travel has never been easier.



Baggage Service Offices

The Baggage Service Office provides immediate assistance to customers whose baggage is mishandled by reuniting customers with their belongings.

Delayed Baggage Delivery

As the nationwide leader in delayed baggage delivery servicing over 250 U.S. airports, we work with airports and airlines to help passengers get their luggage back.

Baggage Trucking Management

Bags operates a large-scale baggage routing service that uses a fleet of vehicles to transport luggage to a destination airport. 



Federal Inspection Services (FIS)

Bags FIS agents accurately document flight and passenger information, assist in baggage handling logistics, and provide excellent customer service.

Wheelchair Services

When airports utilize our wheelchair services, we are able to provide real-time performance metrics for cost control while enhancing guest experiences. 

SP+ Airport Services

With over 65+ years of airport specific parking experience, SP+ is an expert at understanding and addressing the unique demands of airports.