Increase ROI of Conference Attendance 

Whether it's a company-wide annual conference or you're sending your top-performing sales representative to an intense seminar, takeaways and valuable meeting time drastically decrease on the final day because of needing to get to the airport and check luggage. 

Bags allows conference-goers to stay as long as they need by offering Remote Airline Check-In, a service purchased by companies and conferences that allows every attendee to check into their flight and check luggage from the conference, freeing them up to learn more, meet more, and grow more. For those attendees not wishing to check their luggage, we also offer bag and coat check on final conference days. 

Solutions for Group Travel

Remote Airline Check-In

We provide an on-site option for guests to check their luggage and receive boarding passes before traveling to the airport. 

Bags VIP Luggage Delivery

Our Agents will retrieve your luggage at baggage claim and deliver it within 100 miles of your hotel or destination.

Valet & Parking Management

Bags provides an outstanding parking experience at some of the most popular hotels and resorts in the country.