A Unique Way to Check-In Baggage at the Airport

When you make travel easier, your passengers can enjoy the ride - without the hassle of luggage. That’s because Airport Bag Drop by Bags allows you to transform areas of airport property into a remote luggage and airline check-in center to streamline and reduce passenger congestion away from the front door of your airport. Bags operates Airport Bag Drop locations at airport parking lots, parking garages, consolidated rental car centers and more to streamline your passengers’ travel while improving your front door experience and adding additional revenue to your airport. Because it’s not about where your passenger is going - it’s how they get there.

Bags unique technology allow us to check-in luggage across multiple airlines, and Bags currently operates airport bag drop locations at Denver International Airport Pikes Peak Parking Lot, Tampa International Airport Rental Car Center, and Orlando International Airport Parking Garages and Rental Car Drop Off locations.

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Our trained Bags agent securely checks luggage at the airport - all in the comfort of the passenger’s vehicle when you place an Airport Bag Drop location at your airport parking lots, adding value to your customer’s experience.

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Your passenger parks and then boards the shuttle to the airport luggage-free until they arrive at their final destination. 

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With airport bag drop, congestion from the front door of your airport is diverted and your passenger travels directly to security with more time to spend with your concessionaires before they board their flight.

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