Revolutionizing In-bound and
Out-bound Luggage

Imagine the benefits to your airport if you streamlined the flow of passengers and their baggage away from the airport front door—removing congestion and expediting the traveler getting from point A to Point B. Created to service this demand, Bags has partnered with the Greater Orlando International Airport, airlines, TSA and regulatory bodies to transform a 69,000sq ft. facility airport hanger into an operational remote screening facility (RSF). 


Reduce Operating Costs,
Manage Baggage Overflow

Bags takes the burden of luggage away from your airline partners, reducing the cost of daily operations and minimizing the amount of baggage airline employees have to process. 

TSA-Approved Processes to Ensure the Highest Level of Security

Bags ensures that every baggage handling agent goes through a strict training program and approval processes. We are proud to have been operating Transportation Security Administration approved baggage handling since 2003. 

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