Reduce Curbside Congestion

With our multi-use check-in platform and TSA approved baggage intake and handling process, the sky is the limit. We are able to extend your curbside baggage and passenger check-in to any location. Since 2003, whether it is a port, rental car return facility, parking lot or structure, mass transit depot or area hotel, we’ve successfully provided TSA approved check-in services. We have the infrastructure to create permanent or temporary curbside relief that decreases curbside congestion and increases passenger satisfaction.

Increase Airport Revenue

Travelers no longer have to worry about leaving their luggage unattended while they explore your airport's amenities. 

Convenience for Customers

Early Bag Check provides kiosks to pull up itineraries and print boarding passes and baggage-check tags.  


Exceptional Customer Service

Our agents greet and assist each and every guest so that their check-in experience is fast and top-notch. 

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