Our Travel Services

Trusted by major airlines, cruise lines and world-famous resorts, Bags® makes travel easier through innovation and superior customer service. Our unique offerings, coupled with traditional services provided more efficiently and our over 25 years of experience, allow us to decrease costs and increase ease of travel. Our mission is to make travel easier for industries, companies and travelers.   

Remote Airline Check-In

We provide an on-site option for guests to check their luggage and get boarding passes before traveling to the airport.

Bags VIP Luggage Delivery

Our agents will retrieve your luggage at baggage claim and deliver it within 100 miles of your hotel or destination.

Valet & Parking Management

Bags provides an outstanding parking experience at some of the most popular hotels and resorts in the country.


Onboard Airline

Bags transports airline luggage for cruise passengers directly from the ship to their departing flight.

Same Day Delivery

Same-Day Delivery allows the delivery of purchased goods to a customer’s doorstep on the same day the purchase is made. 

Aviation Services

Bags operates in more than 250 airports nationwide, providing wheelchair assistance, baggage handling, skycap and more. 

What Our Clients Say

"Bags is a very important part of our first impression."

—Dan Giordano
General Manager, Rosen Shingle Creek

Our Partners

Bags partners with some of the most prestigious hotels, resorts and cruise lines in the country. 

Trusted Nationwide